About Us


Cutag is a marketplace exclusively for university students and recent graduates to find jobs (entry-level, full-time, part-time, etc.) and internships. We make this possible through career advice and through a job board which is a personalized feed that matches the student’s interest. And through profiles were employers can look through them and message the candidate they like, that way, we connect people with jobs.


Our mission is to democratize access to opportunity and to help connect every university student with the best job & internship opportunities, no matter who they know, where they go to school, or what they’re majoring in. Our aim is to democratize the hiring process for both students and employers.

What is Cutag For Employers

Cutag is an employer branding platform for employers to hire students and recent graduates for job and internship opportunities. Cutag helps companies attract targeted and engaged talent through features like company profiles and branded content solutions. Cutag excels at employer branding, giving companies the chance to tell their stories through showcasing things like professional photos and video testimonials from current employees, right alongside their job postings. This gives candidates an authentic peek into your culture and what it’s like to work at your company, candidates who hold similar values will opt themselves in, while misfits can screen themselves out.

Recruiters spend their time screening unqualified candidates out; time that could have been spent on creating great experiences for their highest-priority candidates. It’s time for companies to browse candidate profiles and invite candidates who stand out to apply for their jobs and internships. Our "Invite Students to Apply" functionality allows employers to filter through qualified students in our database and invite them to apply to a job within seconds. This gives students the confidence of knowing that they're desirable applicants.

On Cutag, job posts are only shown to candidates who meet the specific qualifications the company sets, companies can post to candidates in all level of experience. Candidates are showcasing their work on the site through portfolio’s section, so you’ll have information beyond their resume that you can use to evaluate them.

You can do better than random resumes from career fairs and job boards. Attract only top-qualified applicants with amazing portfolios, and stop clogging your ATS and inbox with mediocre candidates. Find and connect with qualified candidates, the faster and smarter way. When it comes to finding the best entry-level employees, the proof is in the portfolio. Unlock a quality pre-screened pool of early professionals.

What is Cutag For Students

Cutag’s network gives students access to explore opportunities, receive advice, provide employers with efficient access to talent, and more tools to drive recruitment process efficiently.
You're working hard towards earning your degree but did you know that more than half of all recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed. See a majority of employers think graduates don’t have job ready skills. They're wrong but it's not completely their fault. They're relying on the data that's available to them like majors and school ranking but you're so much more than that. That's why Cutag was created. You're more than your resume. Stand out to recruiters by using projects and coursework to prove your skills on Cutag. Your Cutag account is simple to use, flexible, and FREE for a lifetime.

When using Cutag, the work you complete inside and outside of the classroom, the projects, presentations, papers, labs, clubs and activities is made searchable by employers so your last class project can lead to an amazing internship or your dream job. Hundreds of employers match their jobs to the skills you've proven your work allowing them to reach out and hire the real you. No more application forms. Now you can use your Cutag profile to show employers who you really are.Your Cutag profile will combine your qualifications and work experience with your interests, skills, extracurriculars and personality traits to form a profile that will intricately represent you. Our intelligent algorithms use the information that you provide on your profile, to recommend the best-suited jobs for you

When you apply for a job, there is no need to fill out your profile again, you can apply to a thousands of jobs with that one profile simply in a click of a button.

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Or email us: info@cutag.co.za